Which is your Dominant Eye & Why that matters?

How to find out which is your dominant eye?

There are numerous different tests to determine which your dominant eye is. But let’s use the easiest yet accurate method.

Find an electrical socket around your home with a 3 pin plug head plugged in.

Now stand about 2 metres away and stretch your arms out with your hands in front of your face. Bring your hands together to form a triangular shape.

 Dominant Eye Test

Looking through the triangle, you should be able to see the entire plug head. Narrow the triangle so that it is just big enough to see the entire plug head.

Now, wink one eye at a time without moving your hands. This is important. If you move your hands then you will have to restart the process of forming the triangle in front of your face.

If you wink your left eye and the plug head disappears then you’re a left eye dominant.

If you wink your right eye and the plug head disappears then you’re a right eye dominant.


Why does your dominant eye matter?

In the optical context, dominant eye determination matters when the eye care practitioner has to prescribe monovision optical solutions to the customer.

Monovision is prescribed when someone has early forms of presbyopia but does not wish to use multifocal lenses. The practitioner then determines the correct distance and near prescription.
After which, the customer will be fitted with distance prescription on the dominant eye and near prescription on the non-dominant eye. The prescription given for each eye may not be exactly the same as the results of the eye test. This is due to customization done by the practitioner to ensure the customer gets the most comfortable vision possible.
Disadvantages of monovision optical solutions are commonly, reduced depth perception and slightly compromised vision quality.

Another instance where dominant eye matters is in Sports that involve aim such as Archery, Shooting or Darts. When one tries to aim using both eyes, there is bound to be parallax error. Hence, the dominant eye will give the greatest accuracy.

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